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The Builders And The Butchers

20th Anniversary Celebration of Badman Recording Co.

The Builders And The Butchers

n.Lannon, Tents

Sat, June 30

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

Doug Fir Lounge

Portland, OR

$16.00 - $20.00

This event is 21 and over

The Builders And The Butchers
The Builders And The Butchers
The Builders and the Butchers were formed in the Fall of 2005 in Portland, Oregon. The bands' first two years consisted of busking, playing house shows, and showing up unannounced anywhere around Portland, where people were gathered. People began to take notice and the band transitioned slowly, going from playing on the floor of venues unplugged to gradually adding a mic here, an amp there, until they organically grew into one of the most exciting live bands in the Pacific Northwest. Even when plugged in, a cornerstone of almost every Builders' show is playing on the floor at some point during the set.

In the past few years, the members of the Builders and the Butchers have laid roots all around the world. They have come together for shows, wrote new material and toured whenever they could.

The members are all originally from Alaska. Justin, the band’s drummer, bought a home in Colorado and makes gin and whiskey for a living. Willy is a captain on a ship, and has been based in Malta for the past couple of years. Harvey lives with his family in Washington state, and Ryan and Ray reside in Portland, Oregon. With all of the logistics involved, The Spark was a challenging record to make.

Touring relentlessly from 2007-2012, the Builders gathered a cult-dedicated fan base across the US and Europe. Playing dozens of music festivals, such as Sasquatch and Lollapalooza, as well as supporting amazing bands and artists like Portugal. The Man, Amanda Palmer, Murder By Death and Heartless Bastards.

The Builders have scheduled their first US and Europe tours in several years to support their latest release The Spark. They hope to make music that brings people together for many years to come.
Falling Inside , n.Lannon's third solo album, on Badman Recording Co., combines the
sound of classic folk pop like Elliott Smith with the chillwave bliss of Washed Out and
Boards of Canada. The eleven tracks float with droney atmospheres and electronic
Right out of the gates, the ska-like syncopation of “Kill All These Machines” proves how
difficult it is to pigeonhole him as a singer/songwriter. n.Lannon, a moniker for Film
School’s guitarist-songwriter Nyles Lannon, juxtaposes sparse acoustic guitar with
samples from old records of Persian music, a spare 808 bass drum and backwards
guitars to create a thumping electro-folk backdrop for his soft vocal melodies. Standout
“Dreamer” is built on his signature blend of acoustic guitar and synths, which is as fresh
as ever. With spacey atmospheres and blurry melodic lines, his songs seem to always
live in the twilight of a dream. “The song is about being manipulated by a non-dreamer,”
Lannon explains. “We get preyed upon sometimes and we find ourselves hanging out
with the wrong people, in bad relationships, being influenced by bad advisors, schemers.
We are heavily influenced, we are trusting, and we learn things the hard way. Ultimately
though, we see things for what they are, we keep dreaming, and we heal and move on.”
Paste Magazine referred to n.Lannon’s previous album Chemical Friends as “the aural
equivalent of receiving a full-body massage outdoors at twilight in a gently pulsing mid-
summer shower while R2-D2 recites Shakespearean sonnets to you in his unintelligible
but comforting robotic chirp.” Chemical Friends, earned "Best Album of the Year" from
the San Francisco Bay Guardian and "Best Folktronica Artist" from SF Weekly.
Lyrically, Lannon likes to take us right into the dream with him; we are jealously spying
on our girlfriend from a submarine, contemplating the state of the human race from the
moon, venturing out into the cosmos only to be sucked into a black hole of existential
angst, hiding from the ghosts (and aliens) in our house...and that’s only half the album.
More broadly, this album has Lannon dealing with the midlife realities of the modern
world's ever-more sharper edges as they are closing in. It’s a battle cry to stay human, to
keep our connection to ourselves, each other and the earth, in the face of isolating
technology, anxieties, and manipulation. And even with all the heavy scenes, Falling
Inside is an uplifting, catchy, and fun album. In the war of the dreamers vs. the non-
dreamers, if we can just keep dreaming, we win.
“Dreamer” – KEXP Song of the Day
“Lannon’s ambient experiences run throughout “Dreamer”, an energetic, psychedelic
stomper. As Lannon whispers “I’m just a dreamer” during the songs hazy bridge, it feels
like a culmination of the tension between the percussive rhythms and ethereal textures,
augmenting each other to form something as direct as it is hypnotic.” - KEXP Radio
TENTS is a Portland based comfort-pop quartet currently touring in support of their forthcoming full-length Deer Keeps Pace.

The title track from their debut LP Deer Keeps Pace depicts a wild animal playfully running in stride with an old station wagon. The deer is a commentary on the constant threads in life. The ideas, feelings, and moments that stick with us and carry us through.

TENTS built this record piece by piece as a crew in their Back Yard studio. More often than not, their songs are written live during stretches of deep studio time, improvising and responding intuitively to one another.

Magic spouts effortlessly through this music. It feels like a bunch of kids laughing and shouting from the recesses of a playground, inviting the cynics and the skeptics and the wallflowers to join the fun.