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The Deslondes

NOLA five-piece Country/R&B fusion

The Deslondes

Birger Olsen, Twain

Fri, June 16

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

Doug Fir Lounge

Portland, OR


This event is 21 and over

The Deslondes
The Deslondes
The Deslondes are a five-piece band from New Orleans. In the time between the release of their self-titled debut and sophomore album, Hurry Home, The Deslondes have toured the world and
drawn critical acclaim for their studied and inventive take on New Orleans country and R&B. Hurry Home represents a sonic shift from the country-folk of their debut to a psychedelic soul
sound, with a stronger emphasis on organ and electric guitar. The band split up songwriting and lead vocal duties among its five members, continuing its democratic ethos and musical
versatility. Recording sessions took place throughout the past year in New Orleans and Nashville alongside longtime producer Andrija Tokic. The album that emerged is Hurry Home. “It’s a fitting title for this album because our lives and our songwriting revolve around leaving and returning, or searching for, home,” says the band. “And home can be a physical place, a relationship, or a state of mind.”
Birger Olsen
Birger Olsen
For fans of Portland’s country supergroup Denver, Birger Olsen is known as the one with that voice. His vocal singularity has an undeniable power. His strikingly low delivery is leisurely yet precise, while his straightforward lyrics hold a subtle humor often laced in sweet sentiments, not unlike Randy Newman, Lyle Lovett and John Prine.

Over a century ago, Olsen’s maternal relatives settled in the arid-yet-vibrant eastern Oregon land between the Wallowa Mountains and the Snake River. Growing up on Bainbridge Island, just across the Puget Sound from Seattle, visits to this wide open country fascinated him. It was the calm of the land, its shrinking towns and humble people that inspired much of the songwriting on his debut album The Lights Just Buzz.

Produced by Dolorean’s Ben Nugent, The Lights Just Buzz captures a rich stillness, away from the chaos of contemporary times, where only the necessities exist. As expected, Olsen’s vocals are featured heavily, but the album’s steady force is the warm tone and easy pace of his guitar. His bluesy Ry Cooder-inspired style weaves its way through layers of velvety organs, soulful trumpets and lonesome harmonica.

While a few of the album’s tracks have enough whiskey-soaked swagger to stir up the fine layer of dust on the grange hall dance floor, it's the introspective numbers that lend this record its biggest sense of home. These are jukebox worthy ballads that celebrate the way that just the right amount of quiet and loneliness can bring people together -- even if just for another Rainier.

The Lights Just Buzz is out now from Mama Bird Recording Co.
Twain is the music of Mt. Davidson. For the past decade or so, Davidson has cultivated the songs and sounds of Twain. The music attempts to create a bridge, a meeting place, between the terrestrial and the mystic, “abiding in the midlands of transcendence” (quote: Luke Greki - thanks luke!).
After its quiet release in 2014, Life Labors in the Choir has steadily gained devoted listeners throughout the globe and continues to blossom. Twain will release a new record of songs, Rare Feeling Pt. 1 in time for the fall equinox.
Twain will appear in support of Big Thief, as well as at a variety of festivals, nationwide this summer.