Gypsy Temple

Groovy and resonant alt-rock with that raw Seattle sound

Gypsy Temple

Sat, July 20

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

Doug Fir Lounge

Portland, OR

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 21 and over

Gypsy Temple
Gypsy Temple
Gypsy Temple has a singular mission: grab alt-rock by the collar and drag it into the waiting arms of a new generation. The Seattle, WA groups’ debut album King Youngblood is a bold declaration that unironic, melodic rock’n’roll continues to stand tall as a vibrant medium of self-expression. Poised to be a historically important piece of art, lead vocalist and principal writer Cameron Lavi-Jones has delivered an album well beyond his 20 years. A record that reflects the band’s undeniable energy and truth, King Youngblood is here to bring euphoric sonic catharsis to the masses.

Though Gypsy Temple’s members are all freshly out of their teens, the execution matches the ambition; the band’s thoughtful, dynamic songs are fit for the stadium. All classically trained musicians that came up through public school music programs, Lavi-Jones and bandmates Cory Cavazos (electric cello), Kai Hill (drums), Hamoon “Moon” Milaninia (bass) teamed up with Maurice Jones Jr. (Neville Brothers, Peter Gabriel) and multiplatinum producer Phillip Peterson (A$AP Rocky, Portugal the Man, Pink) to craft an undeniable, arresting debut LP.

Sonic lighting in a bottle, King Youngblood successfully captures the palpable electricity of the band’s unstoppable live shows (performances that have earned Gypsy Temple opening slots for the likes of Pearl Jam and Naked Giants.) As Lavi-Jones describes it, King Youngblood is about putting the world on notice that there is an army of dedicated, intelligent, progressive young people coming up — “and coming in the wake of the current government and resurgence of blatant racism, and all of the reactionary badness going on right now; we are here to dial this s#*t back.”

Embracing intersectionality, Lavi-Jones explains, “All of us, the band and the team behind us, are extremely conscious of issues of race and culture. We think about the challenges for people of color because our tribe is comprised of a United Nations of ethnicity. Part of my reason for naming the band Gypsy Temple was to honor my maternal Grandmother Eleanor and her side of the family; and their survival of multiple diasporas that European Jews know to be the blood history of our people.” Their moniker represents a tribute to his people - on both sides of his family - African American and Jewish. His band’s name means a “Sanctuary for Free Spirits.”

Gypsy Temple is as committed to activism as they are to music. The band is openly and deeply involved with the National Association for Mental Illness. “The song ‘Up Becomes Down’ was written about a dear friend who was going through a hard time dealing with gender issues coupled with depression - ‘Whenever up becomes down’ / I will always be here holding your crown” explains Lavi-Jones. NAMI has enlisted Gypsy Temple as the face of their youth outreach program End the Silence on the national level. This from the same band, who in the fall of November 2018, received a grant from the League of Women Voters to perform at over 80 high schools, registering over 3,200 new voters.

King Youngblood is a perfect alt rock album; Gypsy Temple are as revolutionary as all the great Northwest bands before them. This album is universal pure musical excellence, a lovingly crafted collection of technically challenging tracks all of which could be singles in their own right. King Youngblood is beautifully crisp, deeply soulful, and elegantly strong. Says Peterson, “Cameron Lavi-Jones offers the best vocals and lyrics of the year. Paced like the ideal novel, King Youngblood folds out in multi-levels inside itself, of revelation, confession, musical extrapolation.”