Dune Rats

Monqui Presents

Dune Rats

Sat, November 9

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 9:30 pm

Bunk Bar

Portland, OR


This event is 21 and over

Dune Rats
Dune Rats
At a time when true rock tales are as rare as chicken lips, Dune Rats
are traveling the globe as punk rock pied pipers, attracting an army of
ferocious life enthusiasts who are as willing as they are to throw the
dice, turn reality sideways and roll with whatever goes. Ratbags, nerds,
delinquents, outcasts, the brave, the loud, the shy - Dune Rats don’t
care who or what you are, only that you abide by just one rule – no
kooks, no gutties.
Palming Dunies off however as your average trio of wasted lunatics,
would be a sad and narrow-minded mistake. These three take as much
pleasure in overt politeness and the odd spot of gardening as they do
in the eyes-wide open adventure of tilting reality. But at the core of it
all - the platform for everything that follows - is their uncalculated lust
for making music. It’s taken them from Brisbane to the US, South Africa
(ask them how the hell they found themselves here!), China, Indo,
Malaysia, Canada, Singapore, a small seaside shanty South of Sydney
and to the proudest musical moment so far – the writing, recording and
the imminent release on Dune 1st of their first full-length record.