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Veganizer PDX Dinner

Second Seating Added Due To Popular Demand! An #OfficiallyVeganized Pop Up Dinner!

Veganizer PDX Dinner

Chef Ryan Gaul, Bar Manager Kyle Ritchie

Sun, June 16

6:30 pm

Doug Fir Lounge

Portland, OR


Your $48 ticket includes 3 courses and dessert, as well as gratuity for the venue servers. The menu will be 100% vegan + gluten-free.

The 6:30 seating is All-Ages. (SOLD OUT!)

The 8:30 seating is 21+ only. (Tickets available)

Veganizer PDX
Veganizer PDX
Veganizer is a plant-based food consulting agency. We collaborate with omnivore restaurants, offering an opportunity to get creative in the kitchen and expand their vegan offerings, while we help bridge the gap between the vegan customer and non-vegan establishment.

Lead by veggie food + lifestyle blogger, Waz Wu, the Portland chapter has collaborated with MF Tasty, Red Sauce Pizza, Quaintrelle, Doug Fir, and more. We're honored to have been featured on KGW News, Eater PDX, and local podcasts since our launch in early 2017.

The iconic Doug Fir Lounge is regarded as one of the nation's finest establishments that combines live music, great dining, and hip style that draws fans from around the world. Last year, we partnered with Doug Fir for an #officiallyveganized Mystery Menu. This June, we're teaming up with Doug Fir's new chef Ryan Gaul!

Your $48 ticket includes 3 courses and dessert, as well as gratuity for the venue servers. The menu will be 100% vegan + gluten-free and will be served family style within your party. Last year's Doug Fir tickets sold out in record time even after we added a second seating, so be sure to get your ticket ASAP.

*** Menu will be announced soon ***
Chef Ryan Gaul
Chef Ryan Gaul
Gaul moved to Portland in 2001 from Spokane, WA where he grew up. Gaul’s story begins like many other great chefs before him; in the dish pit. “I never wanted to be a chef. I started in restaurants like a lot of people do, washing dishes. I learned quickly and moved up the ranks but it was still just a job to me in the beginning. I always liked the speed and pressure and intensity of kitchen life. Now, I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life. Everyday, I can improve on what I do and I get to be creative.” Gaul says.

A lot has changed for the culinary-school dropout over the last 18 years. He’s paid dues and worked his way up and developed new skills along the way, learning structure and organization at Pazzo alongside Nathan Logan and John Eisenhart; serving up brewery staples at Bridgeport Alehouse; living and breathing seafood as Executive Chef at Southpark for four years; and serving as Executive Chef at Woodsman Tavern, Buckman Public House, and Rosswood. While working together at Rosswood, he and contemporary Cody Lucchesi schemed to bring their cooking out of the confines of fine dining and into dive bars, and their low-brow, high-quality pop-up “Wanna Fight?” was born.

Over time, Gaul’s style has headed towards less-is-more. “It is easy to be overly ambitious with restaurant food but sometimes you need to use less, and make the other parts of the dish stand out more.” Gaul says. Doug Fir will give him a chance to showcase his simple, refined, comfort food dishes he’s been long developing, and an opportunity to pass along technique and years of experience down to the team. Unlike many chef transitions that lead to turnover in the kitchen, the current DF crew is not going anywhere. In fact, they’re the first welcome Gaul to the team. They’re a solid group of young cooks (and many musicians, as one might expect) who are eager to learn from a storied veteran of PDX Kitchens.

“I’m very hands-on and I enjoy mentoring cooks. I was lucky to have a lot of good chefs and cooks help me out along the way and so I enjoy doing the same for them. Feeding people really good food and drinks may be the funnest thing you can do. At least it’s right up there with spending time with my wife and our three pet mini pigs, or seeing live music.”

As a fan of metal, krautrock, singer-songwriter, noisy experimental as well as industrial, Gaul is looking forward to feeding the bands and fans alike. “Doug Fir has been my favorite music venue in Portland since the day it opened. I have seen so many amazing shows here and have nothing but good memories at Doug Fir. I love the dining room and the overall feel of the room upstairs: comforting but still a cool party room.”
Bar Manager Kyle Ritchie
Bar Manager Kyle Ritchie
Originally from Albuquerque, NM, Kyle Ritchie took his first kitchen job at the age of sixteen. Shortly afterwards, Kyle moved to Denver, CO and continued to pursue jobs in cooking, jumping from kitchen to kitchen as many young cooks do. During that time, Kyle found himself surrounded by great bar programs and talented bartenders, and he volunteered his extra time with bar prep and garnishes, and, of course, asked many questions about everything relating to the bar.

In 2010, Kyle moved to Portland after he decided that he wanted to continue learning as much as possible about hospitality and cocktail making. Working in places like Park Kitchen and running the kitchen at the Rum Club further confirmed his desire to bartend. From the creativity involved in blending ingredients in one glass, to the importance of using the right ice, Kyle was fascinating by it all. After spending a year back in Albuquerque as the Executive Chef at Marcelos, Kyle finally made the transition to bartending. Kyle was brought on for a new project, The Buckman Public House, where he soon earned the position of bar manager. During that time, he realized how much more he could do with all the ingredients in that one glass.

By working with some amazingly talented bartenders and pushing boundaries based on his past experience, Kyle has finally found his niche combining his culinary background and molecular side with cocktail making.