Caravan Palace

Monqui Presents

Caravan Palace

Sat, October 19

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Crystal Ballroom

Portland, OR

$30 - $33

This event is all ages

Caravan Palace
Caravan Palace
Caravan Palace was founded in Paris by four musicians who shared a love for electronic music
and vintage sounds. In over 10 years, the band has grown from a Parisian jive sensation to a
globalized pop act melding all kinds of influences and capable of tearing the roof off any venue
or festival tent!
The band’s love affair with North American audiences will be reignited next October, when the
band embarks on a full month of gigs across North America "We haven't been to the US and
Canada in a while especially on the west coast so we're very happy to go back ! It's always a
great time, with a great audience, plus this time we get to play in Mexico at last !!!”.
This 19 city tour comes in support of their highly anticipated fourth studio album to be released
at the end of the summer. The first single off that album, “Miracle”, broadened the band's
musical landscape with its electronic textures and uplifting message. KCRW made it Today’s
Top Track and the song has been streamed over 4 million times in North America since its
This upcoming North America tour will also be the first chance for a new generation of fans to
experience Caravan Palace’s live performances. In the past 3 years since they released their
album <|o_o|>, the band’s North American fanbase has grown exponentially, driven by a series
of viral moments around their songs "Lone Digger” (60+ million streams on Spotify, 200M on
YouTube), “Wonderland” (1.8 billion streams on Tik Tok) whose infectious sax hook also
became a staple in sports arenas.