Portland's famous spaghetti western rock-ensemble


Sunset Valley, DJ Gregarious

Fri, November 16

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

Doug Fir Lounge

Portland, OR

$12.00 - $14.00

This event is 21 and over

Ten years ago (2008) in Portland Federale released its first record: "La Rayar" on CD. The group of seven musicians known as Federale had already been together for two years, played fistfuls of shows, had a solid following, and had been through Hell. They were on their third drummer (having lost founding drummer Ryan Sumner to a heart condition) and their second trumpet player. But Federale still somehow had the wind in their sails. The release of this film-inspired concept record tells a classic tale of vengeance, revenge, and redemption. A story not unlike those told in the Spaghetti Western films that were the inspiration for Federale's music.

Forged from day-drinking & film viewing sessions by a bunch of 20 something ne'er-do-wells, the musical concepts of La Rayar were surprisingly ambitious. This was not meant to be a mere rock band. Nor a surf rock, rockabilly, country, psychedelic, or any genre'd band. Federale was to write and play soundtracks to films that did not exist. Fictitious films imagined during these day-drinking sessions. The arrangements would include whistling, trumpet, twangy guitars, sound effects, and heavily effected keyboard parts. Themes for the story's characters are introduced in a manner more akin to Peter and the Wolf than to Steppenwolf. A narration (in Spanish) guides the listener through the story, helping to fill the gaps left by the lack of an actual film. Characters are betrayed, they seek revenge, one falls close to death and experiences a psychedelic vision.. And it all builds to a climactic gun duel between the forces of Good and Evil in the album's final song: "Vendetta."

In the ten years that followed Federale went through One more drummer, Two more trumpet players, Three guitarists, Two percussionists, and wound up with Two new lead singers and added a pedal steel guitar... They also had songs in real soundtracks such as "The LEGO Movie" (2014). They formed a partnership with indie film maker Ana Lily Amirpour creating music for her acclaimed gothic vampire film noir, "A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night" (2014), and "The Bad Batch" (2016). And they have released three more varied yet similarly cinematic records. They also wrote a theme song to Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained (2012), which did not get used. A point of contention for Federale to this day.

Today in 2018 Federale are close to releasing their 5th studio record (as of yet untitled). But before they do, they want to take a moment to celebrate their first: "La Rayar." This release marks Federale's first release through Fluff & Gravy Records! The album has been updated from its original form in several ways. It has been Re-mixed, Re-mastered, and some tracks have even been Re-recorded! It also features Re-Imagined Artwork & represents the album's first release on Vinyl!
Sunset Valley
Sunset Valley
You could be forgiven if you've never heard of Sunset Valley. But if you haven't, you certainly weren't paying attention to underground rock in the Pacific Northwest in the late '90s. Back then, Sunset Valley was regularly blowing minds and dropping jaws all along the west coast and was supposed to be the "next big thing" out of Portland, destined for greatness.

Formed in Portland, Oregon in September of 1996; originally a trio comprising frontman Herman Jolly, guitarist/drummer Jonathan Drews and bassist Eric Furlong, the group later expanded to a five-piece with the additions of keyboardist Jeff Saltzman and ex-Heatmiser drummer Tony Lash. They wrote infectious, crazy pop ditties, where the songs' ability to get stuck in your head was only the surface of their power. Ethereal and psychedelic, Sunset Valley's sonic palette โ€” keyboard washes, guitar jangle, and vocals that both sneer and recall the best of the lo-fi indie rock onslaught โ€” keeps the music buoyant above the receding floor of reality.