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Wet Fruit, Internet Beef

Doug Fir LoungePortlandOR
Ages 21+
An awesome PDX lineup of experimental rock and no-wave

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Described by The Deli Magazine contributor Tracy Mamoun as “surprising, experimental, and fun like rock n’ roll should be,” Nasalrod is a collaborative vision. The intensity of drummer Spit Stix (a founding member of the seminal L.A. punk band FEAR) is a major driving force behind the Portland quartet.

“The genre police will never close the case on Nasalrod. You can’t call them punk because you’d be selling them short. They don’t play noise rock because their songs have structure, even a dance-ability at times. You could almost call them a pop band, but they’re way too heavy and aggressive. They’re a band of musical masterminds that can’t be caught.”– Aris Wales, The Portland Mercury

Nasalrod’s rst 12” release, Building Machines, opens with the urgent riff of Wage Slave, a frenetic yet tuneful song about the tragicomic daily grind. An off-center concoction of contorted guitar gures and shape-shifting rhythms quickly add fuel to the re, setting the pace for this full length vinyl debut.

Named after the bone in Screamin’ Jay’s nose, Nasalrod has found that originality and insanity can go handin hand. Lead singer Chairman’s sneering, kooky yet soulful vocals soar over a sound that is simultaneously melodic, violent and convulsive. Spit Stix, guitarist Mustin Douch, and bassist Mandy Morgan (formerly of Recess Records band Berzerk) provide a sonic backdrop that is the twisted and theatrical heart of Nasalrod.

Armed with their notoriously frantic live show, Nasalrod has shared stages with Mike Watt, Toys That Kill, Torche, and Melt-Banana. In October, the band will begin by performing regionally, and then expand the tour dates nationally throughout 2018 in support of Building Machines.

Wet Fruit


Wet Fruit celebrates the release of their album!

Internet Beef

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Portland-based meme-turned-glitterpunk band, Internet Beef, are quick-risers in the Portland underground scene. Spooky Hungarian scales, backed by pumping Afro-Caribbean rhythms and emotionally-charged Latinx melodies, are powered by raw thrash-punk riffs and garnished with psychedelic prog rock. Internet Beef shows are theatrical, sexy, loud, emotional, communal, experiential parties that give everyone a chance to dance, lose control, and be a part of something sillier than themselves.